Why I created this blog / Just want to make the world better place

1. Make the world better place:
Social issues continues - we can not rely on politicians any more.
Military conflicts continues and human suffering and poverty continues - what can we do about this?

"The last one mile for world peace"
Bring economic growth and political stability to every corner of the world - but how ?
Please take look at this short presentation and see if our grass roots effort can result in
media and politicians agenda to make the world better place.

2. Current political and social systems do not work anymore.
Issues are increasing day by day.
Government alone can not cope with increasingly complex demand and issues.

3. Use the power of the Internet to let the whole world participate and collaborate efficiently:
The Internet has changed how people communicate, collaborate and interact with each other. In the Web2.0 era, the power of SNS can be used to make the difference in the world.

4. "Use of unified Internet based work flow system to drive collaboration between CSR efforts of corporations, NPO, volunteers and governments":

If every website has a link so the visitor can find some volunteer activities and if all CSR and all activities combating social problem and political conflicts can be coordinated via Web based platform for automatic data exchange and demand & supply automation, we will be able to make the world better place.

If you do not have time reading this 30 page paper, please ask your colleagues, parents, students and kids to take a look at the paper and ask them how information in the paper could be used as a starting point for their participation to make the world better place.

I wrote this paper as last one unit course at UC Berkeley graduate school. I hope this paper will be informitive for organizations and individuals.

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